Cenotes & Paradise Lagoon

Sinkholes & Paradise Lagoon

Jump in and float along on a guided tour in the brisk waters of ancient Mayan cenotes. Cenotes are natural sinkholes that expose groundwater underneath. Navigate through breathtaking caves and caverns and discover the ancient rock formations up close! Next, snorkel through a fantastic inlet where saltwater and freshwater mix creating the ideal habitat for a multitude of sea life.

The water is so calm you will want to jump right in and swim over the submerged rock formations that are home to hundreds of exotic tropical fish. Watch for blue tangs, triggerfish and much more! Yalku is a remarkable treasure of the Riviera Maya!

Sinkholes & Paradise Lagoon

Suggested itinerary

9:00 – Arrival to the sinkhole
9:15 – Snorkeling session
10:30  – Transportation to Paradise Lagoon
11:00  – Snorkeling session in Paradise Lagoon
12:30  – Departure to hotels


Included: A/C land transportation, a professional eco guide, snack onboard our vans (bottled water, fruit and crackers),  snorkel gear (mask, snorkel, fins, mandatory life jacket (mandatory).

What to take?

Guests are recommended to wear a bathing suit under their clothing and comfortable clothing and footwear, biodegradable sunscreen and repellent, sunglasses, beach towel, a change of clothes, underwater camera and extra money.


Minimum suggested age 8 years-old. Guests must be relatively fit and must be able to swim.  We do not recommend participation if you have limited moblility, pre-existing respiratory/heart conditions or conditions causing loss of consciousness.