CIGAR-FACTORY Playa del Carmen habanos tobacco

Cigars Factory Playa del Carmen

Cigar-Factory Playa del Carmen is an authentic Mexican cigar factory is Lauros, located in two locations in Playa del Carmen.

On Fifth Avenue and 6th Street north of Playa del Carmen you can see how the statues of Mayan figures hold one of the world’s largest pure performed to obtain the record Giness of cigars.

Here you can tour the small cigar factory producing one of the finest Mexican cigars made in the country and that comes from the Sierra de San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz, known for its production of snuff and its quality, as it is one of the climate zones and its height and the soil quality, plants produce higher quality snuff in the country.

The art is knowing pure flavor balance, power and combustion, if it is not well balanced or itchy or smelly crooked or will not have the normal shot and that is achieved only by hand, no machine to do that, everything is handmade.

The small place that invites good smoker and also others, to come and admire the huge collection of snuff, that a few experienced hands called “cigar rollers (twisters)” wrap each leaf according to its texture and flavor to finish with a work of art that is pure. Not enough just rolling each leaf snuff, because the process is laborious and it can only make each leaf connoisseurs of snuff.
“Being a small factory allows us to see all the development, the production process and the process of twisting rolar is pure hand; very traditional because the only machine we use is the saw to cut the size boxes, called” bitolas “, even lined boxes called filleting and all boxes are decorated by hand”

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As in Cigar-making factory of cigars Lauros:

A small factory this leaves them in bales arrive; snuff called Brena and then select each sheet: first passes through the hands of the cigar rollers or pure producer. The plant gives us different sheets snuff and cigar rollers, who has the ability and experience, divided into three different leaves to make the gut, which is actually inside the cigar is smoked.
The casing has leaves on the top called “light” will give us the power of taste, dry pure personality, which are the parts of the plant means that we will give the flavor or odor and The blown, which is the part to below the leaves of the plant that is threaded and which serves for combustion.

How do you make a good cigar?
The blend of tobacco should be well balanced light, dry and blown up the gut, there is sun-plant, are achieved other sheets called “cloak” which surrounds and pure rola, this happens to wooden molds pressed and compacted. So there are four different plant leaves sun ”
After two hours compacted, removed from the molds and applied the last layer is blown, that is a piece of shade, the same that have been covered (shaded), “allows us to get a sheet with more elasticity , thinner, with a silk-like consistency and strong, which is the cigar smoking that will help us to give presentation not open the cigar after compaction. To achieve pure are five different types of leaf.

What makes cigar rollers?

There are six people that make this work, of which four are in production and two in the sale of the product. The production means twisting rolar pure rolando coat application, filleting and lining boxes, packing, and so making the finished product for resale.
One worker, Candido Cagal Cota has 35 years experience as a twister and was born in the mountains of snuff in San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz, where the whole town is dedicated to that, there is another industry that tobacco and learn from children. Also another twister with years of experience is Don Mario Bustamante and the young saleswoman Canché Gabriela, and is learning to “twist” the leaves of snuff.
You may request a cigar roller service event to have meetings pure wedding celebrations etc.

What kind of cigars are made?

A pure panetela which is milder in flavor and consume mainly the ladies for its aroma of chocolate, cherry, vanilla and anise, however, larger cigars that taste different and toasted snuff are 20 cm long and there are up to 30 cm. and ways Churchill Corona Robusto or Torpedo.

The mix between old and over processed as dark snuff is best sold and therefore more expensive. It should taste aged. Our pure half is not, its flavor and aroma invites burn your fingers.

Planting and harvesting for manufacture of Cigars factory Lauros cigars habanos

When planted and harvested is a process dealing eventual 10-15 people shots: make a hole, others are putting seeds and other nutrients and pesticides are fives groups going forward.
After the planting, the land is left fallow for two years-snuff plant absorbs many nutrients from the soil
The plant grows to 1.80 meters which is when the first cut is made to not allow the plant to grow more and concentrate nutrients to have a higher quality in taste, nine months-long processes.
Hence it is the harvested leaf by leaf, and braids are made in a galley of 18-20 meters tall, fit for drying and it lasts for six months, depending on the weather, sometimes aided by a campfire to dry and from there, slide down the braids, moisturize, heal and wrapped in plastic to start the fermentation, which is a double fermentation process for quality and remove toxins such as ammonia, hence called “pure” because purified snuff and make it two fermentations in a year, for a total of 3 to 3.5 years and a half in order to be ready to make the cigar leaf.

After this process is to make a baked more oily leaves of different color, and other mixtures which are aged in barrels to give other flavors and consistencies to other leaves.
There are pure in five or six years old, is like wine, holding a 60 to 65 percent humidity, with 18 degrees, is a cava and the more years pass more stale and better known.
The only enemy is pure heat once it’s done, but having you care to temperature and humidity, a pure hard years and the longer, tastes better, she says.

Guinness Record of cigars – cigars

Cuba and Dominican have pure longest in the world, says the manager of the factory, but Pure Lauro’s, since last year introduced the pure bigger and thicker around the world, to make one 12 meters long with 30 cm in diameter. Although not mentioned in the Guinness record, even though they did in the Caribbean countries, are pure thinner.
The size of the cigar is called Bitola and thickness is called ring, all records that are mentioned are six or seven centimeters in diameter, when Lauro’s is 30 inches thick or ring.

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