Izamal Yucatan eco Hotel Itzamaltum Spa

Eco Hotel Itzamaltún is located in Izamal Yucatan Mexico  city fills of history, color and pride. Located in the State of Yucatan, founded in the middle of the XVIth century on the vestiges of a former Mayan city.
Our facilities create the perfect combination between the colonial thing and the natural beauty that offers us Izamal’s city, here you will find everything to spend unforgettable moments.
Itzamaltún is the place where the tranquility, harmony and peace get together in order that you enjoy Izamal’s brilliance and the Mayan culture.
Ecological lodge in yucatan Jungle
* Rooms
Single rooms, Double and Triple

These rooms include 1 matrimonial bed for 1 person.
2 matrimonial beds for 2 persons and 2 children or 1 king-size bed for marriages (couples).
3 matrimonial beds for 3 adults and 3 children with kitchenette and rest room.

* Spa
Curative massages, Aromaterapy and more

In Itzamaltún we are interested in give you unforgettable moments, leave us consent you with our curative massages that will relax you completely.
Relax MassagesGeneral Massage
CromoterapyBehavior Treatment
German Helinger (Group Terapy) Ventosas
MoxabutionNatural Healing

* Boutique
Izamal’s typical clothes
* Restaurant
Delight to the palate…
Delights your palate with the plates of the Yucatan gastronomy, made with fresh ingredients and 100% natural and sanitary.

* Swimming Pool
Amusement and freshness without end…
* Gardens
Enjoys the wonderful flowers of Yucatán
* Organization of Seminars
Undoubtedly the best place for Congresses, Seminars, Courses of Motivation, etc.
* Organization of Special Events
The best place for Congresses, Seminars, some Special Celebration ó Photographic Meetings
* Tours Guided
Visits to the Izamal Convent, Chichén-Itzá and more

Eco Hotel Itzamaltún  251, 31 Street between 22 and 24, Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico.