Price and Schedule to cross from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel

Ferry Shuttle  Cozumel Playa del Carmen Riviera Maya
Pictures of ferry shuttle boats  and picture of  pier at  Playa del Carmen where you take off to Cozumel
Pier pictures at Cozumel downtown

Schedule Shuttle
      COZUMEL –

  6:00 am

  2:00 pm

 7:00 am  2:00 pm
  7:00 am  3:00 pm 8:00 am 4:00 pm
  9:00 am  5:00 pm 10:00 am  5:00 pm
10:00 am  6:00 pm 11:00 am  6:00 pm
11:00 am  7:00 pm12:00 am  8:00 pm
12:00 pm8:00 pm1:00 pm10:00 pm
365 days
Ultramar offers a passenger ferry service to the islands of Cozumel and Isla Mujeres.  We have continuous departures to Cozumel from Playa del Carmen and to Isla Mujeres from Puerto Juárez, Cancún and the Hotel Zone, Cancún