Profecia Maya 2012 el Tortuguero Tabasco

El calendario Maya comienza el 3113 antes de cristo y culmina el 21 de diciembre del 2012
El misterio de porque comienza en esa fecha y temina en el 2012 no esta resuelto
Segun los dioses Jaguares en el 3113 antes de cristo los dioses descendieron del cielo dandole comienzo a la civilizacion Maya
Los ultimos Criptos encontrados en las ruinas del Tortuguero tienen esa descripcion.

The Tortuguero Prophecy Unravelled
Before 2006, many anthropologists, archaeologists and other Maya scholars stated that there was nothing in the Maya inscriptions about the end of the current 5,125-year era of the Long Count calendar.
They often did this as part of a dismissal of the increasing discussion about 2012. But in April 2006, epigrapher Dave Stuart answered an enquiry on a specialist discussion group announcing that there is one known inscription from the Classic era that mentions the end of the thirteenth baktun.
It is on Monument 6 from a little-known site called Tortuguero, in the state of Tabasco in Mexico. Many maps don’t even show the site, or vary in their positioning of it.
Tortuguero was discovered in the 1915, but in 1978 and 1980, Prof. Dr Berthold Riese published studies on the inscriptions found there. The papers are in German.
Since then, very little emerged until Sven Gronemeyer’s master thesis of 2004 – also in German, An updated version was published in English in 2006.
A cement factory was built on top of the site in 1981, but a few ruins remain.

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