The Mayan Calendar and the End of an era and beginning of another

The Mayan Calendar and the End of an era and beginning of another


At 0000 local time (0600 GMT) on Wednesday December 21, 2011, he began to passthe year 5128 of the fifth sun set on the solar calendar of the ancient Mayan culture, whichin turn began on the 13th of August 3114, and, according to scientific evidence found on stelae, sphinxes and Maya codices, predicts “a new era” for humanity.
The Guatemalan scientist Ivan Azurdia explained that “at 00.00 (06.00 GMT) onDecember 21, 2012, the solar system’s planets will be positioned vertically in the darkest part of the mouth of the plumed serpent (Kukulkan by the Mayas call and Quetzalcoatl by the Aztecs), and aligned with the sacred sites of the Mayan world. “

In Cancun

On the afternoon of Wednesday December 21 will light the New Fire ceremony ininvolving the Municipal Sports Institute in a journey undertaken by athletes and torch, themeeting point is in the ruins of King from 14 hours.

The tour will culminate in the Tulum Avenue Bonampak which call for 17 hours to perform the solemn ceremony, a prayer for life and land, as stated by the Secretary.

The objective of this activity is the revival of tourism promotion and the reinstatement ofthe Mayan.

The new fire was the most important calendrical ceremonies conducted by the peoples of ancient Mexico.
It was an opportunity for all residents to meet, and is probably the best symbol of the unity of Anahuac, as all the people involved.